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First Lawn Cut of the Year

First Lawn Cut of the Year

Spring is just a few weeks away, so that means it’s time to take a look at your lawn care to-do list. When planning out the next few months, do you know when you should schedule the first lawn cut of the year?

Read on to find out and learn tips for mowing.

First Lawn Cut of the Year

You can mark your calendar for late April to early May for the first lawn cut of the year. This has given those new seedlings you planted in the fall time to sprout and grow strong enough to withstand the stress of mowing. Fortunately, once the grass blades are strong enough, cutting grass can help it grow even stronger because it allows adequate sunlight and water to reach the bottom of the blades.

Tips for mowing

  • Get your mower in tip-top shape. Dull mower blades are the culprit behind many a yellowed, weak lawn because when a blade of grass is bruised or cut raggedly by a dull blade, it grows more slowly and becomes discolored at the top. Sharp blades cut grass cleanly, keeping it green and growing fast enough to sustain itself.
  • Never Cut Over 1/3 of Grass Length. If you have let your lawn grass grow for too long and are finally getting around to mowing it, be careful not to cut off more than 1/3 the length of the grass at a time. Cutting more than this sends a signal to the grass to stop growing and will result in a yellow, dying lawn.
  • Keep Grass Shorter in Spring.
  • Start short, then let it grow.
    Cutting grass short in spring helps what sunlight and water there is to reach the roots more easily, speeding grass growth and reproduction so that you will have a thick carpet of grass in the summer. As the weather gets warmer, let your grass grow out in order to shield the soil from becoming overly hot or dry. Longer grass in summer provides the shade and retains the moisture the grass needs to stay green as long as possible.
  • Avoid Cutting Wet Grass – Cutting grass right after watering it and thereby getting all your lawn care out of the way at one time may seem like the convenient thing to do, but it can harm the grass! Hold off cutting until after the grass has dried to prevent clumps of wet grass from smothering your lawn and encourage the growth of fungal lawn diseases.

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