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Liming is the practice of applying an agent to reduce soil acidity (raise the pH level) and make soil more favorable for turfgrass growth.

Reduce your soil acidity!

All soils have a pH reading. pH is the degree of acidity of your soil and can range from 0 to 14. Here at Green Lawn we like to see soils right around 7.0 which is neutral. Soils below 7.0 become more acidic due to both human and natural activities. Here in the Northeastern United States, rainfall removes calcium and magnesium and replaces them with acidic ions leaving our soil in the acidic zone on the scale.

Your Green Lawn technician will test your soil pH for FREE to determine the amount of lime and number of applications needed to properly balance your pH. We use granular limestone to reduce the dusty residue that is common with the powdered lime. These granular are held together with a water-soluble substance that dissolves quickly when wet to allow it to absorb deep into your soil.

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