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Lawn FAQs

Is your Green Lawn Program guaranteed?

Yes, if you are unhappy with how your lawn looks we’ll come out to your property for free in-between applications until you are satisfied.

How much is a lawn care program?

Our lawn programs are priced based off of the amount of treatable grass on your property. If you give us a call or request a free estimate online, one of our lawn specialists will quickly be able to quote you a price by using a special online lawn measurement tool.

How long is the time period between applications with a lawn program?

Typically applications will be applied every 4-6 weeks.

Will my lawn program automatically renew year to year?

Yes, for convenience to our customers we automatically renew our lawn program from year to year unless you contact us to discontinue your service.

Your technician got some fertilizer in my gardens and mulch beds, is this going to kill my plants or shrubs?

While our technicians try to apply our fertilizer to only your grass, in order to make sure we get the edges of your lawn some fertilizer granules could easily spill over to your garden or mulch beds. However this will only help your gardens and beds. Our fertilizer works similarly to miracle grow. It will help your plants and will not hurt them.

Do you cut lawns?

Green Lawn Fertilizing does not do any mowing, mulching or cleaning up of lawns.

What are proper mowing and watering techniques for my lawn?

Watering Techniques: 1” – 1.5” for about 20 minutes per section of the lawn, at least 3 times per week. If possible always water in the early morning hours, this will allow any water that has not been absorbed by the soil to evaporate with the sun. If you water in the evening, the excess water will just lie on the grass and potentially lead to a lawn disease.

Mowing Techniques: Set you mower blades at 3” – 3.5” high at all times. Always mow with sharp blades.

Your technician was just out on my property; it only took him a few minutes to do my lawn. I don’t think he did the entire lawn. Can you come back out?

Our spreaders cover six feet. If your lawn is not too large it should only take a short while to fertilize your entire lawn. If we come back out right now there is a chance that we will over fertilize your lawn, if you still think that your lawn wasn’t entirely fertilized in a couple weeks, please call us back and we will come back out to retreat.

Why does my lawn look brown and dried out in the summer?

In the summer your lawn can look like this due to excessive heat and not enough rain. Our fertilizer is time released and water released, so if the lawn is not getting wet, then the product is not breaking down into the ground. For the best results we recommend watering your lawn for 20 minutes per section in the morning at least 3-4 times weekly.

How long should I wait to cut my lawn after you have applied fertilizer?

After a fertilizing treatment you need to wait only 24 hours to mow the lawn.

How long should I wait to cut my lawn after aeration and seeding?

After aeration and seeding we recommend waiting at least one week to mow your lawn.

Do I need to be home when the technician is here?

No, you do not need to be there. We will leave a flag in your lawn and a service summary at your door that will explain all about your visit.

How do I know the technician was here?

When we arrive we will knock on your door if you are not home we will leave a flag in your lawn and a service summary at your door that will explain all about your visit.

How long after an application will I see the weeds to die off?

Typically it will take 10-14 days for the weed control to travel through the weed and interrupt its growth. You will start to see the weeds twisting and curling within that 10-14 day period.

Do you take cash or check?

At this time we do apologize but we only can take credit card or a bank card. You can also mail a check in if you would like. If you mail a check in this could take a little longer for us to receive the payment.

What is the timeline of your lawn program applications?

This Green Lawn Program Timeline lays out when you can expect each application to occur.

Can you provide me with an aeration and seeding in the Spring?

We prefer to do the seeding in the fall. There is a few reasons for this:

  1. If we were to do seeding in the spring you would not be able to receive crabgrass control as this does not know the difference between a grass seed or a weed/crabgrass seed.
  2. If you have any crabgrass or weeds in the lawn they would overpower the newly planted grass seed and choke it out
  3. The fall provides optimum soil and air temperatures for grass seed germination
  4. As we treat for weeds and crabgrass in your lawn throughout the season this will leave thinner areas so that when we seed in the fall it will help fill those areas in.

Do you treat for moles or voles?

No, I am sorry that is not something we can treat for.

When is it OK to use a lawn or landscape after an application?

We always recommend keeping people and pets off the lawn and/or landscape until the application has dried. Dry time can vary depending on the weather. On a hot sunny day our application may be dry in an hour, but to be safe we recommend waiting 24 hours after the application. Once the application has dried the lawn can be used as usual.

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