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The Green Lawn Natural Program

An Organic Lawn Care Program Created With Care

mom child walking lawn grass

Everyone wants to enjoy an amazing, lush lawn.

But when you have children or pets that play outside, you want to carefully consider your options before deciding which program to go with.

While most pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides have been proven safe, it’s always better to avoid exposing those you care about to anything that ends with “-cide” as often as possible.

At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we wanted to make sure that we offered an organic, natural lawn care program for those who are trying to avoid traditional solutions.

That’s why we created an organic, 100% natural version of our popular lawn care services, so we help those in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey achieve the lush, healthy, green lawns they’ve always wanted, without exposure to traditionally used ingredients.

Our Organic fertilizing service is a great choice for those that want to go the chemical-free route. This 100% organic fertilizing program includes 7 rounds, with natural fertilizer that meets the EPA’s “Exceptional Quality Standards.”

What’s Included in Our Organic Lawn Program

7 Rounds of Everything Your Lawn Needs

  • Non-Burning Fertilizer

Our fertilizer is effective even on the most delicate of lawns, with a product that doesn’t burn grass. Other fertilizer uses chemical salts that can damage lawn stalks.

  • Slow-Release Organic Nitrogen

Our organic fertilizing program uses a slow-release organic nitrogen product that ensures more uniform grass growth throughout the season.

  • 100% Environmentally Friendly

There are no elements that could damage the soil now or in the future. This environmentally friendly fertilizing is a great way to grow a great lawn without damaging the planet.

Additional Organic Services

Recommended By Our Lawn Specialists

lawn aeration and seeding

Our organic lawn care service is chemical-free, which means we avoid the use of herbicides (used for weed control) that contain chemical agents. That’s why we’d also like to recommend our aeration and seeding service. This supplementary service opens up the soil and over-seeds it so that the lawn grows deeper and thicker.

Aeration and Seeding Add-On

Aeration and seeding provides natural weed control because the lawn grows so thick and powerful that it chokes out weeds and prevents them from taking route. We also offer free pH testing and optional natural liming services that balance soil acidity and help your grass grow strong.

We’re proud of our organic lawn care offer, and we want to show you how effective lawn fertilizing can be without the use of chemicals.

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And Get The 100% Organic, Green Lawn You've Been Dreaming Of


Please note: Anyone with the Green Lawn Natural Program is not eligible to receive service calls for weeds. This program is not conducive for weed control as it is 100% organic-based.

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