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Aeration & Seeding Services

The Secret to Beautiful Turf

aeration cores on lawn

For many years, professional golf course greens keepers have known that the secret to a beautiful, dense turf is to aerate their course two or three times each year. This allows the healthy grassroots to thrive.

While homeowners just need it once a year, aeration and seeding is still a critical part in developing a lush, green lawn.

Key Benefits to Core Aeration & Over-Seeding

  • Fills in bare spots to provide a thick, green lawn
  • Chokes out weeds and crabgrass
  • Loosen and decompacts your soil
  • Increases root development
  • Increases water retention
  • Improves overall plant health

How Does Our Aeration & Seeding Service Work?

Our aeration and overseeding service is designed to reduce soil compaction. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to get into the root system of the plant. Compaction occurs primarily on the surface of the soil and can range from ¼ into ½ in depth, keeping water, nutrients and other crucial factors out of the soil. Our Aerating machines punch down into the soil and pulls plugs from the turf area, creating large pores that will allow moisture and nutrients to move freely through the soil layers. This eventually allows the grass roots to grow deeper, denser and more vigorous.

aeration and seeding diagram

A quality lawn seeding service creates remarkable benefits for your lawn. It preserves the existing turf while still improving its overall quality. It doesn’t just help you have a better looking lawn. It also enhances your lawn’s ability to fight those dreaded insects, drought and disease by incorporating other turf varieties.

Timing is Everything

The timing of aeration, overseeding and dethatching matters as well. It’s recommended that cool season grasses be done while the lawn is still growing from Mid-August to October.

For top tier results, you need to incorporate proper lawn management practices throughout the year such as: sufficient lawn fertilization, watering and mowing at the correct height. Standard practice also recommends soil testing that can determine if lime treatment is a necessary addition to your routine.


Aeration Improves Thatch Management

As the aerator removes plugs of soil it also helps break apart the thatch layer of the lawn. Dethatching benefits include:

  • Soil Insulation
  • Improved Soil Moisture
  • Acts as a Cushion
  • Encourages Healthy Microorganism Activity

However, thatch must be properly managed. Too much thatch (over 3/4”) can begin to cause issues for the soil. We address thatch based on the customer’s specific lawn as opposed to a one size fits all method.

Aeration & Seeding Services in PA, NJ & DE

The lawns in our service area experience many stresses throughout the growing season: Summer heat, drought, disease, and insects. Each of these stressors reduce lawn density and overtime, turf quality. Weeds can also become more problematic as lawns thin and turf competition is reduced.

We customize our core aeration and seeding program for lawns in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We know how difficult it can be to maintain cool season grasses. Our team has carefully crafted a program that can adapt to the various soil densities we face. No matter the challenge, we are determined to give you the lawn you deserve.

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