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How Much Does Aeration and Seeding Cost?

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Aeration and seeding are the most important things you can do to make your lawn as healthy and beautiful as possible.

These are two separate tasks that often go hand-in-hand. As essential parts of your lawn care routine, it’s helpful to have a cost in mind.

How much can you expect to pay if you DIY it or hire a professional? Read on to find out.

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Is Aeration and Seeding Worth It?

Like all things home improvement, you need to consider the benefits when making an investment, whether it be time or money. This may leave you wondering if aeration and seeding are worth it.

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The answer: absolutely!

In fact, with so many benefits, aeration and seeding are two of the most important things you can do to keep your lawn healthy and luscious.

Here’s why:

  • Aeration: Aeration alleviates soil compaction by pulling plugs out of the ground. Compaction happens in spots that are frequent paths for people or animals, or places that have been long-time homes to things like picnic tables and sports nets. When the soil isn’t compacted, the grass roots grow deeper, creating the ideal environment for a healthier lawn.
  • Seeding: As it sounds, seeding is the process of spreading seed on your lawn. This helps fill patchy spots and ensures your lawn is luscious and healthy. When the plugs are pulled from the soil during aeration, the seeds can find spots deep in the soil to sprout and grow strong roots.

Your aeration and seeding efforts are most effective during cooler times of the year, with fall being the best choice for success followed by early spring.

Professional Aeration and Seeding Services

By far, the most reliable and easiest way to have your lawn aerated and seeded is to hire a professional. The cost of the services depends on how large your yard is.

For example, Green Lawn Fertilizing charges approximately $425.00 for a 5K square foot lawn. This includes the costs of products and equipment, time, experience, and a guarantee of a green lawn.

This price does not take into account special offers that are available periodically.

The bottom line:

Professional services are billed on a square footage basis and will vary from company to company. While the cost is more than DIY methods, you gain the knowledge, guarantee, and time, and you don’t have to invest in equipment.

DIY Methods

The biggest cost of DIY methods is your time, generally a whole day’s worth. While the upfront costs can be substantial, once you have the tools you need, the cost is small year after year. You can purchase aerators starting at $60 and prices go well into the $300 range. The less expensive ones tend to be smaller—about 1-1/2 feet—so you can imagine how long it will take to push that around your lawn. Hint: a long time!

Each year you will have to invest in grass seed, and the cost varies based on the grass you choose and the size of your lawn. You can spread the seed by hand, or you can get a seeder that will make the job much easier. Those, once again, vary in price, somewhere between $50 and $100+.

The bottom line: DIY methods can require substantial start-up funds if you want to make the job as easy and quick as possible. The biggest investment by far will be your time.

Let Your Local Lawn Care Professionals at Green Lawn Fertilizing Do the Work.

A lot goes into creating the lawn of your dreams, which is why we offer aeration and seeding services and have a year-round Green Lawn Program to make your lawn as beautiful and healthy as possible.

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