What Are the Benefits of Aeration and Seeding?

Aeration is allowing air, water, and nutrients to circulate through your lawn by creating small holes in the soil. And seeding, as it sounds, involves spreading grass seed. The small holes in the soil create the ideal for the new grass seeds to root.

Four Benefits of Aeration and Seeding

Alleviate soil compaction

Aeration alleviates soil compaction. This compaction happens in spots that are frequent paths for people or animals, or places that have been long-time homes to things like picnic tables and sports nets. When the soil isn’t compacted, the grass roots grow deeper, creating the ideal environment for a healthier lawn.

Prevent patches

Even if your lawn looks healthy now, you might be looking at a patchy mess when the weather heats up again; cold, snowy winters aren’t good for your lawn. Aeration and seeding ensure new grass is ready to fill in any patchy spots.

Reduce puddles

Do you notice a puddle after it rains? Does one spot in your yard form a little ice skating rink when it’s extra cold? If soil is not properly aerated, the rainwater will not be able to adequately seep into the soil and will form puddles across your lawn. By aerating the soil, the rain and moisture will seep into the ground and not stay on top.

Less work later

Come springtime, you won’t be the neighbor spending weekends trying to amend the winter’s damage. Because you prepared ahead of time, your lawn will need less work to turn a healthy green.

Do You Need Help with Aeration and Seeding?

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