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Does Lime Kill Weeds?

Most Common Spring Weeds in PA, NJ & DE

No one wants their lawn infiltrated with weeds, so it’s no wonder people will do whatever they can to keep their yard free of these invaders.

Learn if you can use lime applications to kill weeds and what your best options for weed removal and prevention are.

Does Lime Kill Weeds?

Lime (limestone) is a material that’s heavy in calcium and powerful tool in yard care used to help balance soil acidity. Lime can not be used to kill weeds.

While it works to balance the pH of your soil, it may inadvertently make the space less desirable for weeds to grow. But, it should not be your first line of defense or offense against weeds.

How to Get Rid of Weeds

  • Pull by hand. Hand pulling is, quite literally, a pain. If you have a small plot of grass, however, it might be your quickest, most efficient option for weed removal. Hand pulling involves removing weeds from the soil by their root, hindering their ability to grow back.
  • Use herbicides. Herbicides are an effective way to remove weeds from your lawn. Available at your local garden supply store or nursery, herbicides should be applied with care, as instructed on the packaging. Most often available in liquid form, herbicides can be applied using a garden hose.
  • Take great care to ensure that you buy herbicides that are meant to kill weeds without harming the grass, too. Plus, with this method, you need to be sure to keep small children and pets off your lawn until the product dries.
  • Call Green Lawn Fertilizing. A healthy lawn is able to weed out weeds because of intricate root systems of grass. The best way to prevent a lawn full of weeds is to keep your lawn as healthy as can be and take preventative measures. The lawn care technicians at Green Lawn Fertilizing are dedicated to giving our clients weed-free lawns with our lawn care programs.

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In the meantime, learn more about specific types of weeds in our handy lawn weed library.

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