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Why Is My Grass Turning Brown Despite Watering?

Why Is My Grass Turning Brown Despite Watering?

You think you’re doing everything right. You water your lawn regularly and take pride in how you care for it. You might even pay a professional service to tend to your lawn. But despite your best efforts, your grass still turns brown. Not knowing the cause can be incredibly frustrating and leave you wondering how you can fix the problem if you don’t know the cause. Learn the top five reasons grass turns brown, how to tell them apart, and your treatment options.

Why Is My Grass Turning Brown Despite Watering?

There are many reasons your lawn might turn brown, and you need to identify the culprit before working to find a solution.

You Aren’t Watering the Right WayWhy Is My Grass Turning Brown Despite Watering?

In some areas of the country, rain can be sufficient for fulfilling your lawn’s watering needs. However, your lawn will turn brown if it isn’t getting enough water. In this case, your lawn is dying, and you need to address the issue immediately.

Solution: You must water the right way, focusing on long soakings once or twice a week instead of more frequent spritzes with water. A long soaking should perk your lawn back up quickly. Going forward, be sure to check the forecast and watch out for days that are too hot or incoming droughts.

Too Much SunToo Much Sun

While your grass needs sun to thrive, there can be too much of a good thing. Too much sun can cause your lawn to turn brown, which is called heat-burn or sun-scorching. This might be the cause of your brown grass if there are patches around your entire lawn.

Solution: As long as you have a grass type that thrives in partial- or full-sun, you can likely fix this issue with a long soaking of water and giving it time to heal.


Grubs are the larvae form of Japanese Beetles. They can be found in the soil munching on grass roots, causing your grass to turn brown and die.


You need to identify a grub problem right away, as they can quickly kill off entire lawns. Dig up a patch of grass and take a look at the roots. If you spot multiple grubs in a 1′ x 1′ area, these pests are likely the cause of your browning lawn. Treatment is necessary to get rid of them and save your grass.

brown patch diseaseDisease

Your browning lawn may be the result of a disease that’s appropriately named Brown Patch. It is caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia and can show up seemingly overnight.


Your lawn will need to be treated with a fungicide to address this lawn disease. Fortunately, it is easy to get rid of with the proper treatment. If you are DIYing your fungicide application, make sure you carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure you don’t cause more harm than good.

You Aren’t Working with the Right Lawn Care ProviderYou Aren't Working with the Right Lawn Care Provider

Unfortunately, not all lawn care providers offer equal service. This is often because of a lack of training and a high turnover rate in the industry.


It’s important you research the company you hire before committing to their service. Review sites like Yelp and Angi are good places to start because you can read reviews from real customers and see their satisfaction rates. Unfortunately, you might discover the least expensive company isn’t always your best choice.

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