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How To Get Burnt Grass Green Again (4 Proven Solutions)

burn grass turning green again

It’s the time of year when the summer’s heat is really starting to show on your lawn. While you can head outside and lather up the sunscreen, your grass doesn’t have many ways to stay protected. Just like your tan or sunburn, your grass might even change color as a result of too much sun exposure! Sun-scorched spots of your lawn will likely turn brown and might even die back in some places. In the heat of the Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey summer, this is a common issue that pops up by August—and they can be unsightly as you’re trying to make the most of the warm weather while it’s here!

So, how do you make burnt grass green again? Let’s start by discussing why burnt grass occurs in the first place:

Risk Factors for Sun-Scorched Burnt Grass

Is your yard at risk for becoming sun-scorched? There are some factors that increase the likelihood your yard will suffer from the effects of the sun.

  • Grass exposed to full sun throughout the day. If you don’t have any trees to provide shade, even your sun-loving grass might suffer from the sun. You might even notice the grass right around the edge of your home looks healthier because it has protection during some times of the day. Do you know if your yard is considered full sun?
  • You have a hill. A hill can increase your risk factor for multiple reasons. Water is a key contributor to lawn health. Steep slopes don’t always have the opportunity to soak water into the soil before gravity takes it to the bottom of the hill. Plus, south-facing slopes, for example, are exposed to more sunlight than other areas of your lawn.
  • There are areas of compaction. This comes down to water—again! Compacted areas of your lawn aren’t able to adequately get water to the grass roots. Compaction might occur if you leave a heavy item on your lawn or if you consistently take the same short-cut through your yard.
  • You’re mowing too low.  It’s a common mistake that we see all the time, but it can have serious consequences for your lawn. The shorter your grass, the more shallow its root system tends to be, which reduces its chances of survival during droughts and intense heat spells. We recommend cutting your grass no lower than three inches.

grass getting burnt in the sun Turn Your Burnt Grass Green Again With These Proven Solutions

1. Water the right way

Yes, there is a right way to water your lawn. Long, less frequent watering is more effective than daily watering that leaves water droplets on grass blades that then reflect the sun, burning your grass. Once or twice a week, depending on rain levels, water your grass for a significant amount of time that allows water to seep into the soil to the roots.

2. Add nitrogen and fertilizer

Do you have some patches that look more dead or bare than discolored? Give those spots a healthy boost of nutrients with a nitrogen and fertilizer combination. It will help them regrow faster than spots without nutrients. This method tends to be most effective for smaller areas of severely impacted grass. If you have a very large bare space, you might be better off reseeding.

You can find a nitrogen fertilizer suitable for your sun-scorched grass at your local lawn care store. As always, follow the directions provided by the supplier.

3. Aerate & Overseed

There are few things better for a burnt-out lawn than aeration and overseeding. We recommend completing this service between August – November for best results.

4. Give it time

Time is the easiest remedy for sun-scorched grass. While you might not like the appearance, your lawn will go back to its healthy state in the near future (as long as you continue to tend to it, of course).

Do You have Sun-Scorched Grass or Other Lawn Woes?

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