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Why Is Fertilizer Beneficial?

Why Is Fertilizer Beneficial

Some people love taking care of their lawn and will take every step possible to make it as green and healthy as can be. Other homeowners appreciate green lawns but would prefer to skip unnecessary steps. Unfortunately for casual lawn caretakers, fertilizer is a key way to keep grass green and healthy. Why is fertilizer beneficial and what are your options? Read on to find out.

Why Is Fertilizer Beneficial?

Fertilizers are used to provide essential nutrients to plants. It feeds your plants while making soil an ideal place for your grass to grow. There are three essential nutrients plants need to grow. Whether chemical or organic, most fertilizers contain all three.

  • Nitrogen: This nutrient helps keep crops grow green and assists in plant productivity.
  • Phosphorus: This nutrient supports plants converting sunlight and other nutrients into food.
  • Potassium: One of the most abundant elements available, potassium is imperative to overall plant health.

Organic Versus Chemical

Is organic or chemical fertilizer better for your lawn? Both have their own benefits and concerns.

Organic materials stimulate beneficial soil microorganisms and improve the structure of the soil, giving it a loose, airy consistency and allowing it to hold more moisture and nutrients. Organic matter nurtures a plant’s growth by promoting healthy root development. Soil microbes help convert organic fertilizers into soluble nutrients that the plant absorbs as food. It provides secondary and micro-nutrients your plants need. This type of fertilizer takes longer to work.

Chemical fertilizers nourish your grass with the proper nutrients. However, the nutrients don’t last in the soil as long as organic fertilizers. Soil fed only with chemicals can experience structure deterioration over time, which causes it to lose its organic matter and microbiotic activity. It’s less capable to hold water and nutrients, resulting in the need to be fed more frequently. One noticeable benefit of chemical fertilizer is that it works faster than organic, so you’ll see results sooner.

Green Lawn Fertilizing. It’s in Our Name.

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