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What Are the Best Mosquito Control Systems for Your Home?

If you’re a planner, you’re likely thinking of all the ways to prevent mosquitoes from being a problem for your family this summer. By developing mosquito control systems, you create a checklist you and your family and easily follow to ensure everyone’s safety. Here is an outdoor and indoor plan to get you started:

Outdoor Mosquito Control Systems

  • Do a standing water check after rain because mosquitoes are attracted to water. Spill out any buckets, toys, cups, and anything else that can collect water.
  • Place bug zappers around your patio. The warm, bright light attracts them away from you.
  • Test out your green thumb with plants that deter mosquitoes.
  • Find the right mosquito spray for your family. Do your research to make sure it’s one you feel comfortable spraying on yourself and the kids. Make it part of your going outside routine.

Indoor Mosquito Control Systems

The best way to keep mosquitoes from coming into your home is to keep them out of your yard. Of course, that’s often easier said than done, and you still need a plan to keep them out.

  • Always shut the door behind you and teach kids to do the same.
  • Check doors and window screens. If you find a spot that has a hole or rip, keep that window and main door shut.
  • Turn on fans. While this is not a catch-all way to keep mosquitoes from biting you, it certainly deters them because it makes it more challenging for them to reach you.

Get the Professionals Involved.

At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we know mosquitoes aren’t just nuisance insects—they are a health hazard to your family. That’s why we developed our own outdoor Mosquito Control Program. Call us today at 855-469-0692 to learn how we plan to keep mosquitoes out of your lawn.

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