Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes can be a serious problem. They’re a health hazard, they make itchy bites, and they can turn your lawn into a minefield. Prevention is the key to controlling mosquitoes, which involve reducing areas of standing water where mosquitoes like to leave their eggs. There are also a lot of mosquito repelling products on the market like sprays, candles, and magnets.

Still, having to always reinvest in your collection of mosquito-repellent products can get expensive over time and isn’t necessarily controlling the mosquito problem. That’s why some people consider adding mosquito repelling plants to their landscape. There are some plants that mosquitoes despise. If you plant these in your yard, mosquitoes will hopefully steer clear.

Examples of Mosquito Repelling Plants

  • Catnip – Catnip does more than drive pets wild. Catnip is an especially effective mosquito-repellent. It has been shown to be more effect than DEET, a chemical used in mosquito-repellents. Catnip is part of the mint family and grows very easily without much assistance.
  • Citronella Grass – You may recognize the name citronella from the citronella candles that are sold as mosquito-repellent devices. If you have ever smelled a citronella candle, you know the scent is distinct. Planting some of those in your yard will be noticed by mosquitoes, and they will hopefully avoid it.
  • Lavender – There are quite a few insects and animals that do not enjoy the scent of lavender, and luckily mosquitoes are included in this group. Lavender is a strong plant and can be drought-resistant, although like the citronella, it needs good aeration or drainage and full sun in order to survive.

There are also herbs that can be planted to repel mosquitoes as well. And they are multipurpose because not only do they make the mosquitoes want to stay away, you can also use them to cook with. These are herbs like:

  • Rosemary – Rosemary thrives in an environment that is dry and hot. Not only does rosemary repel mosquitoes, it can repel other insect pests that you do not want near you or your garden.
  • Basil – Basil has a strong scent, and while we humans find it lovely, mosquitoes despise it. It will also help keep flies away as well. Basil can be included in your garden with your other plants and herbs, or you can keep it separately in a planter. If you have a few pots of basil, it is easy to place them at different spaces throughout your yard to ward of mosquitoes. You can even create a basil barrier.

There are many more plants and herbs that repel mosquitoes and this is just small sampling of those that work well and are fairly easy to grow. If mosquitoes are becoming a pest and your best defenses just are not working, call Green Lawn Fertilizing at 888-581-5296. We have developed a mosquito control service plan that can help you eliminate mosquitoes from your lawn.

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