Mosquito Control Services

Tired of Mosquitos Ruining Your Outdoor Fun?

Mosquitos can turn a backyard paradise into a nightmare, leaving you itching and swatting.

What’s more, is that diseases caused by this pesky insect such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and filarial worms kill or harm millions of people throughout the world each year.

We get it! We’re homeowners, too. Nothing is worse than being chased inside by annoying mosquitos or the burden of having to constantly apply and re-apply repellent.

With their relentless pursuit and the capacity to breed in even the smallest amounts of water, mosquitos can seem almost impossible to avoid.

Green Lawn Has You Covered With Our Mosquito Control Program

In addition to our award-winning lawn care program, Green Lawn Fertilizing also offers mosquito control services to make your property bite-free.

Our Mosquito Control Program includes up to 7 mosquito yard treatments and was designed to target adult mosquitoes and reduce their population, giving you peace of mind and allowing outdoor relaxation, without the pesky buzz of unwanted guests.

  • Treatments will occur from the months of April through October
  • Treatments occur approximately at 28-day intervals
  • Months with the highest mosquito pressure are June, July, August, and September
  • 4 consecutive treatments are necessary to support the optimum control of mosquitos

Our Experienced Mosquito Control Team Knows How To Manage Even The Most Stubborn Mosquito Problems

mosquito control services

Your state-certified mosquito technician will pay special attention to and treat harborage areas on your property such as:

  • mulch beds
  • hedgerows
  • tall grass
  • ground cover
  • tree/shrub foliage
  • under decks and eaves

Create Bite-Free Memories With Mosquito Yard Treatments For Special Events

Since the mosquito-breeding season is especially prevalent in the summer months, Green Lawn Fertilizing recognizes the need for special event spraying.

Whether you are throwing a surprise sweet sixteen birthday party for your child, having a Labor Day barbecue, or a July 4th fireworks display, Green Lawn Fertilizing will be there to keep your family, pets, and guest from being attacked by mosquitoes!

Outdoor occasions as such will become more memorable when you do not have to worry about mosquitoes.

We will treat the event area and any surrounding areas with a fast-acting, odor-free product that will greatly reduce the number of biting mosquitoes.

customer talking with technician about ways to keep property mosquito free

Let Green Lawn Fertilizing Guard Your Family, Pets, Home, and Property Against These Bothersome Pests.

With our professional team handling the process, you can trust that the job will be done safely and effectively, year after year. Don’t let mosquitos ruin your outdoor fun any longer.

Sign up for a Mosquito Control Program today and enjoy a mosquito-free backyard.

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