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How to Control Yellow Nutsedge Weeds

There’s yet another weed to add to your growing list of lawn disrupters. Nutsedge weeds are a type of sedge that is difficult to control, so you need to go into your removal process with as much information as possible, starting with these things:

What Are Nutsedge Weeds?

Yellow nutsedge is also known as chufa, nutgrass, and watergrass. It is not a weed, but a sedge. You can identify it by the triangular shape of its stem, which you can feel by rolling it in its fingertips. The leaves are arranged in groups that sprout in different directions, making it an obvious flaw in your lawn.

This weed typically emerges in late April or May and continues to grow until the first frost in autumn, so it’s there to stay for a while. You’re most likely to notice nutsedge during the summertime because it loves heat.

How Do You Get Rid of Nutsedge?

A single plant can produce several hundred tubers during the summer. And unlike many weeds, nutsedge reproduces by underground tubers called nutlets—rarely by seeds—which makes nonchemical options less effective. So, if you want to control nutsedge, your best bet is to use a chemical herbicide.

And we have to warn to control your excitement when you see the weed slow down as the weather cools. While the frost kills the top of the plant, it does not take care of the tubers. And these tubers can germinate and emerge through the following season and up to three more years.

Are Nutsedge Weeds Driving You Nuts?

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