Why Grub Control Is Important in Pennsylvania


Lawn grubs are the immature form of a variety of Japanese beetles called scarabs. They feed on grass roots, which is why you might find some spots in your yard mysteriously dying—especially during the early fall when they feed the most. Think they sound pesky and gross? That’s not the only reason grub control is so important in Pennsylvania.

Identifying Grubs

Grubs are the larvae of beetles. They hatch from their eggs two to four weeks after being laid in July and feed on grass roots immediately. Once they are full-grown (in their grub form), they are approximately 2” in length and are white in color, developing a darker tail end as they mature. They are easy to identify when you find one.


Grub worms typically live for about one year before venturing deep into the soil during winter to hibernate, returning to the root layer by spring to develop into beetles. Grub control is very important because once they grow into their mature beetle form, they will lay more eggs, and the cycle will begin yet again and become more intense each year.


Grubs are attracted to healthy, thick grass because healthy grass has a healthy root system for food. Grub damage shows in the form of brown, wilting grass in irregularly shaped patches throughout your yard that you can peel back as if it were new sod. Try to pick up the patch, and you will easily be able to identify the infestation.

Once your yard is infested with grubs, they’re not going to be your only problem. Lawn grubs also attract larger pests like skunks and birds that want to feed on these tiny worms.

Get Professional Grub Control

The friendly neighborhood lawn technicians at Green Lawn Fertilizing are here to help take your yard back from grubs. Give us a call today at 888-581-5296 for a free lawn care estimate.

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