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What Does Chickweed Look Like?


Chickweed is a broadleaf weed with small white flowers and elongated petals. It has large, egg-shaped leaves with pointy tips. It is also known as chickenwort, craches, winterweed, and maruns. Think those names sound unappealing? Well, they’re fitting for this invasive weed. This probably has you asking, “What does Chickweed look like, anyway?”

Before we dive into that, let’s talk about what Chickweed is:

What is Chickweed?

Chickweed is a plant commonly found on the East Coast. It invades lawns slowly at first but takes off quickly as the seeds start to spread.

What Does Chickweed Look Like?

Its flowers are unique because the pedals are not clumped together like other weeds but rather have spaces, so they look more like small daisies. The flowers quickly turn into seed pods that spread around a lawn.


Is Chickweed Edible?

Surprisingly, chickweed is edible and commonly consumed by livestock and humans.

How to Prevent Chickweed

Controlling chickweed is difficult once it has started growing on your lawn because it produces many seeds in a relatively short period of time, so prevention is key to keep it at bay.

Work toward getting your lawn healthy and reducing soil compaction to prevent it from attacking your lawn.

Try to immediately pull any weeds that look like it before they have a chance to flower. If you believe the seeds have already started spreading or you see it in more than one spot in your lawn, call in the professionals.

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