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What To Do With Your Lawn After Winter


Chances are, after the winter snow thaws and you can see your lawn again, it will not be as vibrant as you remember it. There’s no reason to panic. Just as your hands and feet take time to warm up once you are inside after being outside, your lawn may need some time to acclimate to a new season.

Preparing for the Spring Green Lawn

No matter how cold the winter, you may be at risk for some serious lawn damage. From diseases to compacted soil and more, you may have to do a few quick things to help your lawn regain its natural green glow.

Even if your lawn did not have a harsh winter or heavy snowfall, there are still some things you can do to take care of your lawn when spring rolls around.

What to Do to Regain Your Green Lawn


Over winter, the soil tends to become dense and compact. This makes it harder for grass to grow and get nutrients from the soil. That’s why you should aerate it by breaking up compacted soil and allowing the roots to grow thicker and deeper.


In addition to aeration, you should also overseed your lawn. Overseeding allows the grass to become thicker, choke out weeds, and regrow in the loose soil left over by aeration.


Fertilizing is what finally feeds a lawn and helps it become bright, green, and filled with nutrients. You’ll need the right amount of fertilizer, but once you have it in your lawn, your lawn’s color and health will improve dramatically.

Call Green Lawn Fertilizing for Your Spring Lawn Health

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