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Is It Moles Or Voles: What Is Invading Your Lawn?

Moles and voles are both pets that can wreak havoc on your lawn. Yet despite their similar names, they are actually different animals. The following is some identifying information that can help you tell the difference between moles and voles.


What is a Mole?
A mole is a small mammal with velvety fur. A mole’s diet consists of worms and other small insects and worms and little grubs. Because of this diet, moles are unlikely to dine on the plants in your garden. Moles are great at digging underground and can create an assortment of tunnels underground in an effort to find food.

Do I Have Moles?
If you see mounds of dirt in your yard, there is a very likely probability that you have moles. Just because the moles do not eat your plants, that does not mean they do not cause damage. The tunnels they dig can cause problems to the roots of your plants and grass, and they can destroy your lawn.

Mole Control
The easiest way to eliminate moles is to eliminate their food. There are also traps that can be used to permanently eradicate your mole problem.


What is a Vole?
Voles are small rodents that look similar to mice, but have shorter tails. They eat small plants, fruits, nuts, grass, ground cover, and dead animals. Unlike moles, a vole is a rodent. A vole will take bites out of plants and trees, but loves to eat the grass in your lawn.

Do I Have Voles?
Voles and other similar pests can travel through your yard using the tunnels that moles have dug before them. Because voles use these tunnels, they are often mistaken for other animals, like moles. However, voles do not dig themselves. If you do not see any new tunnels, chances are you have a vole.

Vole Control
If you have a cat, then you have a vole control method at your fingertips. Cats are great vole hunters, as are hawks, owls, and snakes, although chances are you don’t have them at your disposal. There are also a variety of traps you can use to get rid of voles.

Moles or Voles: Why it Matters

Moles and voles are very different creatures, but both can hurt your lawn. If you believe your lawn is under attack, we have professionals standing by ready to give you back your beautiful lawn. Call Green Lawn Fertilizing at 855-469-0692, today!

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