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3 Tips for Keeping Your Tree Healthy All Year

Winter Tree Fertilizing

The first step in learning how to keep your tree healthy all year is to identify what type of tree or trees you have. Understanding what type of tree you have allows you to take the necessary steps to ensure a long life for your tree.

Prune Your Trees

Pruning a tree means to cut off dead branches in order to stimulate growth.

You can prune your tree at any time of the year. Pruning can be a delicate task, and you do not want to get carried away, so it often makes sense to allow a professional to come and prune your trees. Pruning or thinning your tree is done to remove dead or diseased limbs from your tree. Thinning out the limbs also prevents crowding, which can inhibit growth or be aesthetically unappealing.

Feed Your Trees

Feeding your trees means you will need to fertilize and water the trees.

Trees need nutrients, which they can get from fertilizer. Fertilizer for trees can help them to grow stronger and taller. It can also increase their resilience against diseases and some pests. Watering your tree is also essential. How much you water your tree depends both, on the soil around your tree, as well as your climate. If you are in an area that receives quite a bit of rainfall, then you will not need to water your tree as much. Also if the soil around your tree

Mulch Around Your Trees

Mulch can be any type of organic matter, such as wood chips, pine needles, grass clippings, bark, gravel, etc.

To mulch around your tree means to scatter these types of material around your tree. Mulching helps in several ways, such as:

  • Lessens soil compaction – Mulching around a tree can help redistribute the compaction that happens from heavy foot traffic.
  • Limits weeds – The mulch can prevent weeds from getting enough sunlight to grow, thereby eliminating their ability to grow and drain the nutrients from the trees.
  • Keeps the soil moist – The mulch helps to retain moisture by insuring the soil nutrients stay around the tree without getting washed away by the way.

If you want a certified technician to come and look at your trees, give Green Lawn Fertilizing a call and ask about our Tree & Shrub program855-469-0692. With our technicians and the tips above, your trees can be well on their way to becoming strong and healthy.

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