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What to Do about Grass Clippings


As you drive around the block on Saturday afternoons, you might see a variety of mowing techniques. Each homeowner has his or her own preference, as do lawn care companies. You’ll see different patterns, different heights, and some lawns that leave the grass clippings. Are they skipping a step in their lawn care, or is it okay?

The Verdict: Grass Clippings Are Good!

It turns out the people who leave their clippings where they are might actually be helping their lawn more than those who remove them, as they are a natural fertilizer. Afterall, clippings do contain all the essential nutrients your grass needs! As the grass decomposes, it releases water and nutrients into your lawn’s soil, helping your grass grow greener and thicker.

Our one caution: diseases thrive in dark, wet areas, so be caution of how thick your layer of clippings get to prevent an ideal environment for lawn hazards.

You Can Have the Greenest Lawn on the Block

We’ll let you choose what to do about the grass clippings; we’ll handle making your lawn as healthy as possible. Our Green Lawn Program includes eight applications throughout the year to make sure your lawn has the luscious look you desire. Call us today at 855-469-0692 for more information.

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