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How to Identify Crabgrass


There are plenty of weeds that can interrupt your flawless lawn. Crabgrass is one of the most common culprits in our area. You may also know it as crowfoot grass, watergrass, or summer grass. We might find this weed pesky, but it was once a food source, nourishing communities thousands of years ago. Learn how to identify crabgrass so you can take care of this pesky weed quickly.

How to Identify Crabgrass

Color: Crabgrass is usually a darker green than your normal grass blades.

Height: If you leave crabgrass alone, it can grow to be 2′ tall.

Blades: Blades are wide and sprout off in different directions, which is a common way to tell it’s different than the rest of your lawn.

Location: This weed is often found in your turf, vegetable gardens, and along pathways.

Timing: Crabgrass is most common during the summer.

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