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What Happend to ChemLawn?

Lime Benefits Your Lawn

Updated 11/18/2021

Lawn care companies come, and lawn care companies go. Some people were surprised when ChemLawn, a very popular lawn care company, disappeared. So, what happened?

What Was ChemLawn?

ChemLawn started out as a small lawn care company and quickly grew into a nationwide company. As it grew, it also offered other services, like landscape construction and more.

ChemLawn Concerns

In addition to the business switching hands, other concerns began popping up. There was a growing awareness of the potential for damage from toxic lawn care chemicals. Customers began looking for healthier, more natural solutions.

Plus, as the company expanded, so did the market. Unfortunately, lawn care woes vary across the country, so the standard products and services didn’t meet the needs of all customers. People in New York were offered the same things as those in Florida. Customers realized their lawn needed one-of-a-kind care, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Where is ChemLawn Now?

If you Google ChemLawn, you’ll see they don’t have a website anymore. The company is still here, but it rebranded and is now called TruGreen. The company continues to service all across the United States. Some of their services include:

  • Aeration & seeding
  • Fertilization
  • Grub prevention and control
  • Lawn analysis
  • Weed control
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Mosquito control

Before making a decision of which lawn care company to work with, we encourage our customers and our potential customers to continue to do research until they find one that meets their needs. You can find out what customers think about TruGreen here and Green Lawn Fertilizing here.

Your Options Beyond TruGreen in PA, NJ, And DE.

Lawn Care PA, NJ, DE

Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor is the largest lawn care franchise in the country. Some of their services include fertilization, power seeding, bug control, weed control, aeration, tree and shrub care, and more.


This company offers a suite of tree, shrub, lawn, and deer deterrent services to help maintain the health and vigor of residential and commercial properties. They specialize in tree, shrub, and lawn conditions specific to regions they service. They do not offer lawn mowing or tree planting.

NaturaLawn of America

NaturaLawn of America was established in 1987 and is a franchised company that offers organic-based lawn care services to customers across the United States. They offer alternatives to traditional chemical lawn care.

Your Local Experts: Green Lawn Fertilizing

We offer a variety of services needed to make your lawn as healthy as can be. Our Green Lawn Program is a start-to-finish service. We also offer individual services, like lawn fertilizing, so you can pick and choose which is right for your yard. In addition, we offer natural lawn care solutions because we want you to be as comfortable in your lawn as possible. Our organic lawn care service is chemical-free, which means we avoid the use of herbicides (weed killers) that contain chemical agents while still using effective methods. Plus, at Green Lawn Fertilizing, we only service Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, so we are experts on your turf and the vegetation and climate unique to our area of the country. Call us today at 855-469-0692 to get a free quote.

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