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Why It’s Important to Treat Your Lawn for Insects


We know you don’t need anything else on your to-do list, but there’s one more you should add: treat your lawn for insects. Here’s why:

Why It’s Important to Treat Your Lawn for Insects

Some lawn insects destroy your lawn

Grubs are the larvae form of Japanese beetles. These hungry pests munch on your grass roots, destroying your lawn in the process. If you suddenly see areas mysteriously dying off, grubs could be the culprit. And this bug attracts much larger pests, like skunks and birds, that come to feed on the beetle.

Some insects carry disease

While the Zika virus isn’t a threat to our area right now (or anywhere in the US for that matter), you should be worried about this insect and your pooch; mosquito transfer heartworm to your fur baby.

Ticks are another pest that can cause major health concerns for anyone in your family. It spreads Lyme disease, a serious illness that can have lifelong effects.

Some pests are invasive

Fleas hitch a ride on you or your pets to come inside from your yard. One female flea can lay up to 18 eggs in one day, which means you can be dealing with a mass infestation very quickly.

Green Lawn Fertilizing Provides Lawn Pest Control.

We can check lawn insect control off your to-do list. From grubs to ticks, we know just how to treat your lawn for pests that can spell trouble for your yard. Simply call us today at 855-469-0692 to request your free quote to help protect your family and lawn from pests.

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