Three Reasons You Should Apply Lime After Aeration


Liming is the practice of applying an agent to reduce soil acidity and raise the pH level. It helps to make soil more favorable for turfgrass growth. One of the most valuable times to apply lime is after aeration because there is plenty of open access to deep down in the soil.

Three Reasons You Should Apply Lime After Aeration

1. Lime neutralizes pH

If your soil is too acidic, plants aren’t able to absorb nutrients properly. Lime applications can dramatically improve growing conditions because of the calcium carbonate, which neutralizes your soil’s acidity. Attaining a soil pH reading of 7.0 (neutral) is ideal.

2. It adds necessary nutrients

Lime’s main component is calcium carbonate in the form of limestone or chalk, adding calcium and magnesium to the soil. The nutrients help to preserve a lawn’s color and lushness. They even mitigate damage caused by drought, heat, or high traffic⁠—a win-win!

3. Lime nourishes essential bacteria

Lime also helps your lawn by providing nourishment to beneficial bacteria present in your soil. It is most effective for this purpose when combined with compost.

Call Us for Lime Treatments after Aeration.

We offer lime applications in PA, NJ, and DE. Your Green Lawn technician will test your soil pH for free to determine the amount of lime and number of applications needed to properly balance your pH. We use granular limestone to reduce the dusty residue that is common with the powdered lime. These granular are held together with a water-soluble substance that dissolves quickly when wet to allow it to absorb deep into your soil. Call us today at 888-581-5296 for a free quote and to schedule a service.

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