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What to Expect from a Lawn Aeration Service


Your grass roots require air, nutrients, and water to thrive. Over time, your soil can become compacted, creating a tough environment for growing. That’s where lawn aeration comes in. Benefits of a lawn aeration service include:

  • Turf health: The root zone gets more access to air, sun, water, nutrients, and fertilizer. This helps the roots grow deeper and spread more for an overall healthier lawn.
  • Stress tolerant: Repeated aeration applications can help your lawn be tolerant to stresses from heat and drought.
  • Decompaction: Soil aerators break up the soil to decrease the density of the soil and allow for better nutrient absorption.
  • Less watering needed: Aeration also helps reduce the frequency of watering because the roots are now receiving the amount they need.

What to Expect from a Lawn Aeration Service

Often times, aeration is performed manually with an aerator tool that pulls little plugs from the soil. (Some companies use a chemical aeration method.) Your lawn technician will go around your yard with the machine and aerate any agreed-upon area. It is helpful if your lawn is clear of toys and clutter, which will help the process go smoother. Plus, it can get a little messy because when a lawn is aerated, it pulls little plugs from the soil. You will find these oblong, nugget shapes around your yard. This is normal and will dissipate over time.

This process does not require frequent service. Once or twice a year should suffice, depending on how hard your soil is.

Compacted Lawn? Call Green Lawn Fertilizing.

Lawn aeration is most effective when performed by experts. At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we understand your compacted turf won’t thrive, and the new seeds you’re planting won’t take. That’s why we provide aeration services. Contact us today at 855-469-0692 for a free consultation to help your lawn reach its full potential.

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