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Why Summer is the Best Time to Protect Your Lawn From Fleas and Ticks


Biting pests are some of the worst types of pests, and two of the most common biting pests are fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks are often quite abundant in late summer and into the fall. They can also be more than a nuisance – they can be harmful to you and your pets. The following are several strategies you can try to stay safe from fleas and ticks.

How to Prevent and Control Fleas and Ticks

  • Cut Grass – Fleas and ticks love to hide in tall grass. If you can keep your lawn fairly short, you eliminate these hiding places. Without a place to hide, fleas and ticks will move on to areas where they can be safer. These pests will always be attracted to the places they feel safest, so removing any place for them to hide can play a key role in preventing them from affecting you and your home.
  • Cedar – There are natural ways to prevent fleas and ticks that may be effective, although they have not received much testing. For example, fleas and ticks also despise the smell of cedar. If you can invest in cedar chips or cedar mulch for your lawn, you may be able to make it an environment where the fleas and ticks will not what to be. Because fleas and ticks will go where your pet goes, install the cedar chips or mulch where your pet is likely to play or rest. It might also be a good idea to lay the cedar chips or mulch around the perimeter of your lawn so as to create a fence of sorts that will hopefully keep the fleas and ticks out of it.
  • Tree and Bush Care – It’s not just your grass that needs to be kept short. Keeping your trees and bushes pruned can also be a good way to keep these pests away. Both fleas and ticks do not like the sun, and so when there are fewer shade spots there will also be fewer pests.
  • Flea and Tick Medicine for Pets – Your pets, if you have any, are always at the greatest risk. These pests are attracted to their fur, and the safety the fur represents. So make sure they are kept up to date with flea and tick medicine. Often your pets are actually carriers of these pests into your home (especially fleas), so if they’re immunized from the pests, they’ll be less likely to carry it into your home.

Controlling Through Professional Lawn Care and Pest Control

All of the above strategies can keep pests away. But they’re all designed to simply decrease the risk. Professional lawn care designed to eliminate these pests can make sure that these pests are completely eliminated. We have qualified professionals who are well versed in lawn care and pest control. Let Green Lawn Fertilizing’s Flea & Tick program help you resolve this issue. Give us a call at 855-221-6118 for a free estimate.

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