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Lime: What It Is, Why It Is Great For Lawns

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Green lawns don’t simply happen overnight. There is a lot of care and nurturing that goes into a creating a lawn. You have to make sure that the grass is getting all of the water it needs, that it’s being mowed correctly, that it’s free of disease, and more. How you care for your lawn matters. But it’s not just your lawn that you need to care for. Sometimes it’s the soil.

Your soil is where the grass gets all of its nutrients. It’s also how the roots stay healthy. If something is wrong with your soil, then something will be wrong with your lawn, and one of the most common problems with soil is a high acidity, which damages the roots of the grass and prevents nutrients from leading to a healthy lawn. The best way to treat an acidic lawn is with a process known as liming.

What is Lime?

Lime is a fruit that goes great in margaritas. But there is also another type of lime – a type of material that can be added to lawns to help balance soil acidity. Heavy in calcium, lime is a powerful tool in lawn care, and at Green Lawn Fertilizing, we use lime whenever you have a heavily acidic lawn.

How to Tell if You Need Lime

The acidity of lime is determined by pH testing, which we at Green Lawn Fertilizing provide for free. The test is fairly simple, and it will be able to tell if your soil is alkaline or acidic. A pH level that is more than 7.0 is considered to be alkaline, and anything below this level is considered acidic. If your soil tests between 6 and 7, then your soil is in good shape. If not, you will want to bring your soil level into that range if you want your lawn to flourish.

You Have An Acid Lawn: Now What?

If you have an acidic lawn, chances are your grass won’t grow as healthy and green as you want. That’s why Green Lawn Fertilizing provides lime applications that are designed specifically to help balance out the pH so that your lawn is able to thrive. Give us a call today to get your free pH testing, or to schedule your lime application appointment.

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