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Home Mosquito Control Strategies

When it comes to lawn pests, nothing is worse than mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be quite the summertime nuisance. Just when it is warm enough to enjoy your backyard with summer barbecues, out come those pesky mosquitoes, biting and ruining your good time.

Luckily, mosquitoes can be prevented and controlled. The following are several effective strategies for preventing and eliminating mosquitoes.

How to Stop Mosquitoes

  • Mosquito Prevention – The best way to make sure mosquitoes do not find their way onto your property is to eliminate places they might like. For instance, mosquitoes love standing water, which they use to breed. Reduce the places around your home that have standing water, and you essentially eliminate the mosquito invasion. Make sure you look all around your home, as it’s possible the areas with standing water aren’t as obvious at first glance.
  • Add Mosquito Repelling Plants to Your Garden – The smell of citronella is immediately recognizable and some may associate the scent with campfires and other summertime activities. There are several other scents of which mosquitoes will steer clear. Those smells can also be found in plant form. A great way to prevent mosquitoes is to plant the type of plants that mosquitoes do not like. This becomes a natural, non-chemical prevention technique. Mosquitoes will usually stay away from catnip, citronella grass, garlic, lemon verbena, peppermint, and rosemary, among many others.
  • Professional Help – Of course, the simplest strategy to get rid of mosquitoes on your lawn is with professional help. Some mosquitoes are able to live on poor irrigation, the smallest of holes, and more. By correctly caring for your grass and using mosquito prevention tools, you can eliminate all of the mosquitoes living in your yard.

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