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Lawn Invasion – Oxalis

Not all weeds are ugly. Some would make excellent flowers, and could even be an attractive complement in a garden. But when they invade your lawn, they not only disrupt the green grass that you’ve tried to build, but spread and make your lawn look patchy. One such example is a weed known as Oxalis. But, what is Oxalis?

What is Oxalis?

Oxalis (Oxalis stricta) is a weed that produces small, yellow flowers and heart-shaped leaves. It germinates in the spring and makes its presence known in the summer. Oxalis is very good at taking advantage of weak lawns. If you have Oxalis growing in your lawn, it indicates not only a weed invasion – but also weak grass.

How Do I Get Rid of Oxalis?

Oxalis is a weed that can sneak onto your lawn and take over very quickly. That’s why immediate treatment is important. Mulching has been shown to be an effective approach to getting rid oxalis, but this can make your lawn appear less attractive. If you want to mulch, try layering mulch on top of where the oxalis grows. This will eliminate the oxygen and sunlight it needs to live.

Oxalis can also be pulled out by its root, though like most broadleaf weeds, Oxalis can still grow even when it appears to have been removed. Herbicides may also be effective, but it’s important that you consider calling a professional, as herbicides can also hurt some of the beneficial plants that you want in your yard. Professional lawn care experts like Green Lawn Fertilizing are also a great way to control your Oxalis problems.

How Do I Prevent Oxalis?

As mentioned above, Oxalis occurs when the lawn is weak. Thus the best way to prevent Oxalis is to improve your lawn health. Consider the following:

  • Fertilizer – To help your lawn grow healthy.
  • Watering/Mowing – Make sure that you’re using proper mowing and watering techniques.
  • Aeration and Seeding – The combination of aeration and overseeding can lead to thicker roots, and thus healthier grass.

You should also consider keeping the lawn about 3 inches or above in height, as this can prevent sunlight from reaching Oxalis. In general, a healthy lawn is going to be the most important way to prevent Oxalis without hurting your lawn.

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