How do I Know if My Lawn Has a Disease?

lawn disease

lawn diseaseEvery lawn, no matter how healthy, is susceptible to disease. And when your lawn is suffering, you know it. Several factors can make a lawn struggle, so lawn disease comes in several forms. It’s important to recognize the various possible signs. Here’s a quick guide to identifying our area’s most common lawn diseases:

Lawn Diseases

  • Anthracnose: discolored patches in the lawn that range in color from yellow to red. With time, these patches spread and the roots turn black in color.
  • Brown Patch: large patches of yellowing, brownish grass with dark rings outlining them.
  • Dollar Spot: small patches of dead grass. True to their name, these patches are typically round and the approximate diameter of a silver dollar coin.
  • Fairy Ring: this fungal disease can consist of either mushrooms or dead grass forming circles in the grass.
  • Lawn Rust: a rusty, orange-colored powder that coats grass blades.
  • Leaf Spot: brown and black spots with tan centers that form on grass blades, killing the blade. This is usually followed by a melting out phase in which a red mold takes over the affected grass.
  • Pink Snow Mold: matted circles of grass covered in pinkish-colored mold. Found anywhere on a grass blade, from the root to the crown.
  • Pythium Blight: dark, irregularly shaped patches of greasy grass that look yellow and wilting when dry. These patches grow together to form larger streaks.
  • Red Thread: a fungal structure resembling a thread that grows on the grass blades.
  • Slime Mold: irregularly shaped patches of gray-yellow dust coating the grass blades.
  • Snow Mold: brown, dead grass with circular patches of pink-gray mold.
  • Spring Dead Spot: dead, matted, flattened grass forming circles and semi-circles on a lawn.
  • Stripe Smut: thin yellow stripes growing along the veins of the grass blades. These eventually turn dark, shredding and curling the blades, making the turf look short and ragged.
  • Summer Patch: patches of dead grass that form rings or semi-circles with a bronze-colored outline. The turf within these rings usually suffers and eventually dies.

Lawn Disease

If you believe that your lawn is suffering from one of these conditions, look no further for help than the lawn experts at Green Lawn Fertilizing. We have years of experience in diagnosing and treating lawn diseases of all kinds. Schedule a free estimate for lawn care today by calling us at 888-581-5296.

Lawn Disease Guide

Lawn Disease Guide

Learn the hallmark characteristics of diseases that are common to mid-Atlantic turfs.