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All About Lime for Your Lawn

Lawn Care Allentown, PA

Have you heard people talk about lime for your lawn? They’re not talking about having drinks out back! Lime is a supplement that might be required to keep your yard healthy. Learn all about using lime.

All About Lime for Your Lawn

What is lime?

Limestone (also known as lime in the lawn care industry) is a material that’s heavy in calcium. It is a powerful tool in yard care and can be used to help balance soil acidity.

Does my grass need lime?

You will need to do a soil test to determine if your lawn needs lime. A pH level that is more than 7.0 is considered to be alkaline, and anything below this level is considered acidic. If your soil tests between 6 and 7, then your soil is in good shape. Your lawn might need a lime treatment if the soil is acidic.

What does lime do for lawns?

If your soil is below the ideal pH zone and has turned sour, the calcium carbonate in lime can help neutralize your soil’s acidity. It adds calcium and magnesium to the soil. The nutrients are important to preserve a lawn’s color and lushness, and they mitigate damage caused by drought, heat, or high traffic. Also, lime helps your lawn by providing nourishment to beneficial bacteria in soil. It is most effective for this purpose when combined with compost.

Will lime burn grass?

Lime might burn grass if extra remains on the blades after application. YOu can prevent this by watering your lawn after applying to remove excess product.

Green Lawn Fertilizing Knows All About Lime for Your Lawn

We offer lime applications in PA, NJ, and DE. Green Lawn Fertilizing will test your soil pH for free to determine the amount of lime and the number of applications needed to properly balance your pH. We use granular limestone to reduce the dusty residue that is common with powdered lime. These granular are held together with a water-soluble substance that dissolves quickly when wet to allow it to absorb deep into your soil. Call us today at 855-469-0692 for a free quote and to schedule a service.

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