What Happend to ChemLawn?


Lawn care companies come, and lawn care companies go. Some people were surprised when ChemLawn, a very popular lawn care company, disappeared. So, what happened?

Wh0 Was ChemLawn?

ChemLawn started out as a small lawn care company and quickly grew into a nation-wide company. As it grew, it also offered other services, like landscape construction and more.

ChemLawn Concerns

In addition to the business switching hands, other concerns began popping up. There was a growing awareness of the potential for damage from toxic lawn care chemicals. Customers began looking for healthier, more natural solutions.

Plus, as the company expanded, so did the market. Unfortunately, lawn care woes vary across the country, so the standard products and services didn’t meet the needs of all customers. People in New York were offered the same things as those in Florida. Customers realized their lawn needed one-of-a-kind care, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Where is ChemLawn Now?

If you Google ChemLawn, you’ll see they don’t have a website anymore. The company is still here, but it rebranded and is now called TruGreen. The company continues to service all across the United States.

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