Lawn Care Wayne, PA

When you need to get your lawn as healthy as can be, there is nothing more important than finding the best lawn care provider for your yard in Wayne, PA. A quick search will leave you with more options than you could hope to sort through. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to narrow down your search: stay local! Lawns in this area have different needs and requirements from those across America, so by choosing a local company, you know you’re dealing with a team that knows the ins and outs of the vegetation and conditions in Wayne, PA. That’s why at Green Lawn Fertilizing, we only service the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Green Lawn Program: A Full Year of Lawn Care Service in Wayne, PA

With the Wayne, PA conditions at the forefront of our minds, we developed our Green Lawn Program to green up your lawn, keep it healthy, and keep pesky weeds away. This program offers a full year of care, including:

  • 7 fertilizer applications. Fertilizers address the science behind why some grass looks luscious and thick while others fail to thrive. The big three are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. We apply a unique mix of nutrients through seven applications a year. We also include broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent crabgrass control during the appropriate times of the year.
  • Unlimited weed control. The weeds found on your lawn arent just unsightly⁠—they take up valuable root space, preventing your grass from thriving. At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we offer unlimited weed control to ensure you don’t have to deal with the unwanted intruders populating the ground.
  • 1 grub control application. One of your lawn’s biggest foes is the larvae form of Japanese beetles: grubs. These chubby pests live in your soil and eat the roots of your grass, causing patches to die off. As part of our Green Lawn Program for our neighbors in Wayne, PA, we provide a grub control application that addresses this pest and more lawn foes.
  • Free service calls. If something doesn’t look right, give us a call! Whether there’s a patch that doesn’t look as healthy as others or you’re noticing weeds popping up, we’re here to make sure your lawn has that luscious look you want.
  • Free soil pH testing. Soil pH is one of the greatest contributing factors of grass health. In Wayne, PA, pH levels between 5.5 and 7.0 are ideal for growing grass.

Lawn Care Wayne, PA

Something for Every Lawn in Wayne, PA.

We know every lawn has different needs at different times, so we offer a variety of services for our neighbors including:

  • Green Lawn Natural Program
  • Tree and Shrub Program
  • Outdoor Pest Control
  • Fungicide Program
  • Grub Control
  • Lime Applications
  • Aeration & Seeding

We’ll Get Your Lawn Healthy While You’re Loving Wayne Living.

Tired of worrying about lawn care? Let Green Lawn Fertilizing get your grass as green as can be while you explore all that Wayne, PA has to offer.

The community’s main street is bustling with stores, restaurants, and more local favorites like the historic Wayne Hotel. A walk down Lancaster Avenue and Wayne Avenue will take you to this thriving part of town that has something for every visitor!

If you’re looking to get away from it all, head over to the Chanticleer Garden in Wayne. Know as “a pleasure garden,” this peaceful and colorful place is perfect for a nice stroll or picnic with friends.

The many joys found in Wayne, PA aren’t limited to the residents of this town. It’s easy to get there thanks to its convenient location on The Main Line. It’s a great stop for history-lovers too! Visitors arriving at Wayne Station, established in 1882, will find themselves immersed in a little piece of history in the modern world.

Choose Local. Choose Green Lawn Fertilizing for Wayne, PA Lawn Care.

Love your lawn? The experts at Green Lawn Fertilizing offer a long list of lawn treatments along with a history of renowned customer service. We’re known throughout the Wayne area as the go-to people to call when your lawn needs a little TLC.

Local Reviews
for Wayne, PA

Green Lawn Fertilizing Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 40 customer reviews

Map of Chesterbrook, PA 19087

Great service!

Review of Green Lawn Fertilizing

Great service. The technician is polite and professional. Communication was smooth.

ChesterbrookPA19087 40.075-75.4725

Map of Saint Davids, PA 19087

Not happy

Review of Green Lawn Fertilizing

I have been a customer for many years. My lawn looks worse than my neighbors who do not use a service or do anything special. I have called about this and have had no resolution.

Saint DavidsPA19087 40.045-75.3675

Map of Wayne, PA 19087

Great work!

Review of Green Lawn Fertilizing

Liquid fertilizer is great. Just wish the application could be applied 2 weeks earlier, when leaves were not falling so heavily and it was sunny.

WaynePA19087 40.06-75.36

Map of Wayne, PA 19087

OK service

Review of Green Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn does not look great. Hot summer?

WaynePA19087 40.05-75.3825

Chris B.

Chris B.

Grub and fertilizer applications

Near St Davids Ave, Wayne, PA 19087
Chris B.

Chris B.

Grub control and fertilizer applications

Near Chamounix Rd, Saint Davids, PA 19087
Chris B.

Chris B.

I made sure to treat the left side of the driveway. I also made sure to treat the right side of the house. There are some weeds on the left side of the driveway that I hand treated using the hose off my machine. Thank you

Near Thomas Jefferson Rd, Wayne, PA 19087
Chris B.

Chris B.

I made sure to avoid the newly seeded areas in the front yard and the right side of the driveway. I made sure to not treat the entire backyard per your request. Please water in this application within 48 hours of it being applied. Thank you

Near Park Ridge Dr, Wayne, PA 19087
Chris B.

Chris B.

The lawn is currently being cut too short. Please cut your lawn at the highest setting on the mower to allow the grass blades to grow and be healthy. I hand treated the pool area and made sure to treat the left side of the driveway. Thank you

Near Park Ridge Dr, Wayne, PA 19087