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Lawn Care Pennington, NJ

With so many options, how do you choose which lawn care company to use in Pennington, New Jersey? The answer is simple: look local! Our area has different lawn care needs than other areas of the country, so the company you choose needs to be the experts in the area. That’s Green Lawn Fertilizing. We only service Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey and know the ins and outs of lawn care for our area, from turfgrass and weeds to soil conditions and climate factors.

A Full Year of Lawn Care Services in Pennington, NJ

Our Green Lawn Program was developed with the climate, vegetation, and soil conditions of Pennington, NJ in mind. It is designed to green up your lawn, keep it healthy, and get rid of pesky weeds and pests. This customized program includes eight applications, plus visits from our lawn care technicians as needed to address pesky weeds and lawn concerns.

  • 7 Fertilizer Applications. Our Pennington Green Lawn Program includes seven lawn fertilizer applications that take place approximately four to six weeks apart, depending on the time of year. The first two applications also contain broadleaf weed control pre-emergent crabgrass control, while the rest contain a balanced fertilizer and weed control as needed.

Did you know?: Lawn fertilization applications are used to provide essential nutrients to plants. The big three are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen helps your grass and plants grow green and assists in productivity. Plants require phosphorous to create food from sunlight, while potassium supports overall plant health.

  • 1 Grub Control Application. Grubs are one of the greats foes to healthy lawns in Pennington, NJ. These larvae form of Japanese beetles munch on grass roots, causing areas of your lawn to die off. Our grub control application is applied in the early summer before the grubs have a chance to cause severe damage. Plus, this application helps fend off other pests besides grubs!
  • Unlimited Weed Control. Weeds are more than pesky invaders in your lawn. They can literally weed out your grass with roots that take up valuable space in the soil. At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we know the weeds found in Pennington, NJ come in all shapes and sizes, meaning they shouldn’t all be treated the same way. Our Green Lawn Program includes unlimited weed control to ensure your lawn looks and stays healthy.
  • Free Service Calls. What’s the brown spot on my lawn? Does this sound normal to you? My neighbor’s weeds are creeping into my lawn. If you notice your lawn isn’t looking as healthy as you’d like it to, simply give us a call. We’ll come out and investigate your concerns before our next planned service.
  • Soil pH Testing. Like many areas in the United States, pH levels between 5.5 and 7.0 are considered healthy for yards in Pennington, New Jersey. As part of our Green Lawn Program, we provide free soil pH testing to ensure your lawn is set up for success.

White House with Stone and a fertilized lawnWe’ll Handle the Lawn Care. You Enjoy Pennington, NJ.

You could spend all of your free time keeping your lawn as green and healthy as can be. Or you could enjoy everything Pennington, NJ has to offer! With so much fun going on right in your community, the choice is easy! Let Green Lawn Fertilizing handle the health of your lawn.

Mark your calendars because one of the best events in the community takes place in May! Pennington Day is a celebration dating back to the 1980s to bring together neighbors. Local businesses and organizations set up booths on Main Street in street-fair style. There’s local music and a parade to enjoy early in the day, and the festivities continue into the afternoon.

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail brings outdoor enthusiasts from all over to the Pennington, New Jersey region. There are 16 trail segments and many opportunities for walking, bird-watching, biking, running, geocaching, letterboxing, horseback riding, picnicking, x-country skiing, and more.

For year-round fun for the 21+ crowd, we recommend heading over to the Hopewell Valley Vineyard. Enjoy a delicious bottle of wine, food, and live music. It’s also a great venue for your event!

Choose Local. Choose Green Lawn Fertilizing for Lawn Care in Pennington, NJ.

We are your neighbors dedicated to helping your lawn be as healthy as can be. We make sure that every aspect of our business is focused on our commitment to our customers and team members to support the well-being of our community. For us, this places a focus on creating the best team possible with reliable, knowledgeable people who work where they live. At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we have a rigorous screening practice with every individual that we hire to make sure that they will be thorough in how they evaluate your lawn’s needs and in their treatment of your grass and soil. Each of our lawn technicians will take the time to discuss with you any issues they identify with your lawn and offer suggestions for what you can do to maintain the best-looking lawn on your block. Call us today at (856) 213-4358 to get started.

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