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Lawn Care Services Sicklerville NJ

When it comes to taking care of lawns, you can take some necessary actions to keep your grass looking healthy and green. By engaging in these practices, you’ll be able to maintain a vibrant lawn without spending a lot of money or time. Some of the work can be done as a do-it-yourself project to keep great-looking grass. But others may require the service of lawn care specialists. 

If you’re looking for friendly lawn care services in Sicklerville, NJ, Green Lawn Fertilizing is a company you can trust.

Green Lawn Fertilizing is the #1 lawn care provider servicing the community of homeowners and commercial properties in Sicklerville, NJ. As the top Sicklerville lawn care service, you know you’re in good hands with us! We have a wide variety of personalized services and lawn care options to choose from that will fit your needs and budget. Our service plans include:

  • Green lawn program
  • Natural program
  • Aeration and seeding
  • Fungicide program
  • Flea and tick program
  • Lime applications
  • Grub control
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Mosquito control 

 If you reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help you handle your lawn care concerns and achieve the healthy lawn you’ve always wanted. With our years of experience, our approach to lawn care is unique, and our experienced lawn care technicians know exactly what it takes to make your entire lawn look healthy and lush. Contact us today for your free lawn care estimate.

Here, we’ll discuss some 8 vital tips to keep your lawn alive and vibrant:

Control the weeds

Weeds will take over your lawn and choke out the grass if you don’t get rid of them. You can control weeds either manually or by using weed killers. Be sure to read the label carefully to make sure you are using the right product and to avoid harming your lawn. Also, make sure to water your lawn a day or two after applying weed killer.

Aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn is essential for maintaining its health and appearance. Over time, soil can become compacted, which makes it difficult for water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn. By aerating your lawn regularly, you’re helping to improve the overall health of your lawn and increase its disease resistance.

Cut grass to the recommended cutting height

Mowing your lawn to the proper height is one of the most crucial aspects of lawn care. Cutting your lawn too short can damage the grass, while cutting it too long can lead to problems with moisture and weed growth. Always aim to cut your grass to a height of 2-3 inches.

Mow often

Mowing your lawn on a regular basis keeps it looking healthy and vibrant. When you mow frequently, you’re removing the lawn clippings before they have a chance to decompose and create thatch. Mowing too infrequently can cause lawn problems due to the accumulation of organic matter.

Water the lawn properly

Watering your lawn correctly is essential to keep it looking green and healthy. You should water your lawn deeply and infrequently, rather than shallowly and often. This will help the lawn develop deep roots, which will make it more drought resistant.

Fertilize the lawn properly

Another important step in keeping your lawn looking healthy is proper fertilization. You should only fertilize when the lawn is growing, and you should use a fertilizer that’s specifically designed for lawns. Overfertilizing can damage your lawn, so be careful not to apply too much fertilizer.

Maintain lawn equipment

It’s important to keep your lawn equipment in good condition if you want your lawn to look its best. Make sure to clean and sharpen your mower blades regularly, and replace them when they become dull. Also, be sure to properly store your lawn equipment when it’s not in use.

Compost your garden waste

Composting your garden waste is a great way to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and vibrant. Composting helps keep your lawn looking great, but it is also an environmentally friendly option that helps reduce the amount of waste produced each year.

Adding compost to your lawn is easy—simply spread a layer of compost over the top of your lawn and water it in. You can also mix compost into your soil before planting new grass or flowers. Compost contains nutrients that help lawns grow thick and healthy, and it also helps improve the soil’s ability to retain water and nutrients.

If you don’t have time to compost your garden waste, you can buy compost from local nurseries or garden centers. Just be sure to read the label to make sure that the compost is specifically designed for lawns.

Expert Lawn Care Services in Sicklerville, NJ

Green Lawn Fertilizing is the expert lawn care provider in the Sicklerville area. By partnering with us, you’ll have the greenest, healthiest lawn in no time.

You don’t have to waste time trying to take care of your lawn yourself. Let us do it for you! We have a team of experts who know what they’re doing and will take care of everything for you. You’ll have the best-looking lawn in town, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

Contact us today in Sicklerville, NJ, for a free lawn care estimate and we’ll be happy to help you.

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