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How Does Green Lawn Fertilizing Compare to Other Lawn Care Companies?

TruGreen VS Green Lawn Fertilizing

TruGreen is the largest lawn care company in the nation. But being the largest doesn’t also mean the best service or value. TruGreen uses the same products nationwide which might work for a company like McDonalds and Chic-Fil-A but not in the lawn care industry. There are many different soils, climates and variables that go into lawn care in each specific area.

Green Lawn Fertilizing uses the perfect blend of lawn fertilizer specifically developed for the soil and climate lawns face in:

A local company who’s employees live on the very same soil as you. Green Lawn knows exactly what it takes to make a healthy, thriving, luscious green lawn in the local conditions.

Lawn Doctor VS Green Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Doctor has franchises all across the country. Each franchise is owned and managed by someone different. While each franchise might have the same logo out front, that doesn’t mean they all have the same policies and procedures!

Green Lawn Fertilizing uses the same policy throughout the entire company and at each and every location. Every single technician goes through the same rigorous training to ensure they are giving customers the proper care the Green Lawn way. Each and every location has the same goal, to provide exceptional customer service in addition to the lushest, greenest lawn on the block. If you’re unhappy with a service just let us know and we will come out for a free service call.

But don’t take our word for it just because we said it on the internet. Go ahead and open up another browser tab and google us and any other lawn care company you are considering. We’ll put our reputation against any competitor with over 6000 reviews online averaging over 4.5 stars from our happy customers.

Give Green Lawn Fertilizing a call at 888-581-5296 and talk to a truly local company. Speak directly with a professional who knows the local soil and what it takes to turn your dream lawn into a reality!

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