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Why Your Lawn May Thin During Winter

Winter can be tough on lawns, and particularly on lawns that are underprepared for the changes in weather and growing conditions.

Find out which of the following factors are contributing to your grass thinning out during the colder months. Then, find out how to address them to keep your lawn thick, healthy and lush during the rest of the year.

4 Reasons Why Your Grass is Thinning Out

  1. Overly Exposed Grass 

    Avoid cutting your lawn too short at the end of the season. Overly short grass is more likely to be harmed by the low temperatures that freeze grass and can cause it to break at the base of the blades. Letting your grass grow in autumn provides the bases of the grass blades with the extra protection they need for cold temps.

  2. Unraked Leaves 

    Leaving leaves on the grass to be covered by snow in winter is a good way to invite fungal lawn diseases. These diseases can easily spread over your lawn and create dead, brown patches. Raking the leaves keeps heat and moisture from becoming trapped in the grass beneath the snow. This stops your lawn from catching grass-thinning winter diseases.

  3. Insufficient Nutrition 

    An undernourished lawn will have a hard time recovering in spring from the harsh temperatures of winter. Maximize your lawn’s potential by giving it the nutrients and care needed for lush grass in springtime! Fertilizing and aerating soil during fall can help ensure ample nutrient circulation, safeguarding against compacting over summer due to high traffic.

  4. Poor Drainage 

    As snow melts it adds a layer of water to your lawn. If your lawn isn’t draining properly due to soil compaction, the water will sit in the soil. This causes grass roots to rot and promotes the growth of mold. These two factors can keep the grass from growing as thickly as it should come in the spring. Aerating soils helps improve drainage capacity so that melting snow and rain don’t saturate the soil.

Thin spots in your lawn can be an eyesore, but they don’t have to be a headache.

Call Green Lawn and Say Goodbye to Thinning Grass!

If your lawn has thinned as a result of any of the above factors, call Green Lawn today and take back your lawn with our Fertilizing program. We will bring back the thick-growing grass you prefer, and better prepare your lawn for next winter’s dormancy.

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