Why Is Grass Green?

And Other Lawn-Inspired Questions

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Updated April 2021

Why is the sky blue? Why do birds fly? Why is grass green? Kids have curious minds (and adults do, too!). While we can’t answer every question that comes our way, we can certainly explain the science behind the color of grass and other awesome lawn-inspired questions.

Why Grass Is Green?

Like many plants, grass produces a pigment called chlorophyll. This bright pigment absorbs blue and red light, reflecting green light back to your eyes. And that’s not even chlorophyll’s most important job! It helps the plant turn solar energy into food, a process called photosynthesis. This works when the molecules absorb quanta of light and transfer the energy to special molecules. When stimulated, these molecules fire off an electron that causes chemical changes in the plant. Further processes turn the chemical energy into sugar. This sugar is what the plants eat to grow and stay healthy. That’s why the right amount of sun is important for green grass!

What Color Should Soil Be?

Soil color is determined by the proportion of organic matter content and minerals found. You can find healthy soil that’s a variety of colors and tones, from dark to red and orange to marbled. In fact, dig deep into your yard and you will likely find layers of colors.

Soil color comes down to a very specific science. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Soils goes into great detail about what affects the coloring.

Is Grass Good for the Environment?

Why Is Fertilizer BeneficialGrass is beneficial for the environment. Unlike dirt and pavement, grass earns its keep as it covers the ground. Here’s why:

  • It takes up carbon dioxide and creates oxygen.
  • It traps stormwater runoff, unlike soil, mulch, or gravel that allow rain to flow freely into storm drains, causing floods.
  • It improves groundwater resources by preventing soil compaction. This helps areas that rely on precipitation for drinking water.
  • It actually helps with noise control! Unlike pavement, it acts like an insulation panel, absorbing noises.
  • It helps maintain a cooler temperature than building surrounded by concrete. That means it can even help lower your air coniditioning needs.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Certain Blood Types?

Unfortunately for people with O-type blood, mosquitoes like you just as much as blood banks as you share your universal donor blood. In fact, you might be twice as nice for mosquitoes, with the potentially dangerous bug landing on you twice as much as people with other blood types. Why is this? You secrete certain chemicals through your skin, which are determined by your DNA. Do you know what’s also determined by your DNA? Your blood type.

What Are Fairy Rings?

Fairy Ring

No one likes lawn diseases, but if you’re going to have something, it might as well have the coolest name! Fairy rings are a near-perfect circle of mushrooms caused by an individual fungus growing underground. It sprouts many small threads called mycelium to form a circular shape. The

mushrooms might not show up for an entire year, generally making an appearance in the late summer or early autumn.

Make Your Yard Healthier with Green Lawn Fertilizing

We know not all grass is green, but that’s why we’re here! Our Green Lawn Program provides everything your lawn needs to be that bright, healthy shade of green. Call us today at 888-581-5296 for a free quote and to learn more about our services.