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Why Is My Grass Light Green?

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Like many plants, grass produces a pigment called chlorophyll when exposed to light. This bright pigment absorbs blue and red light, reflecting green light back to your eyes. That’s why the right amount of sun is important for green grass!

Sometimes, however, your yard isn’t that ideal shade of dark green you expect. Why is that?

Why Is Your Grass Light Green?

1. Lack of Sunlight

Sunlight is a healthy yard’s friend. Most types of grass require direct sunlight during most of the day. You might discover grass grown in shaded areas can be lighter in color.

In order to fix light green grass due to lack of sunlight, you can try removing the cause of shade by trimming trees, or you might want to switch to a grass type that prefers shady areas, such as tall fescue, fine fescue or perennial ryegrass.

lime green grass

2. Lack of Nutrients

If your lawn doesn’t have enough nitrogen, it can cause it to have a light green appearance. Nitrogen might be the culprit if you notice your grass isn’t growing as fast as you expect. Your plants might even fight for the limited nitrogen in your soil, and your trees and shrubs might struggle to grow as well.

To fix light green grass due to lack of nutrients, you’ll want to ensure you’re utilizing a nitrogen fertilizer in the spring, which can help ensure your grass is that healthy shade of green you’re looking for.

3. Disease

If your yard just has patches of light green grass patches in your lawn, a disease might be the culprit.

Yellow patch is a disease that can make your lawn look light green. You’ll see splotches of discovered grass around your yard that eventually die and turn brown. You might also be dealing with dollar spot fungus that causes light patches of your yard to fade from green to pale yellow.

Once you identify the disease, we recommend contacting your lawn care professional to remedy the issue.

Other Ways to Prevent Light Green Grass In Your Yard

Mowing your grass at the right height and mowing frequently can also help to keep your grass keep a consistent color while looking healthy and strong. Additionally, aerating your lawn can help promote proper drainage and healthy root growth, encouraging a healthier turf.

Get Rid of Lime Colored, Light Green Grass with Green Lawn Fertilizing

We know not all grass is the right shade green, but that’s why we’re here! Our Lawn Fertilizing Service provides everything your lawn needs to be that bright, healthy green you imagine when you think of the perfect lawn. Call us today for a free quote and to learn more about our services.

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