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Why Do I Still Have Weeds!!

organic vs synthetic weed control

Sometimes it seems like you do everything you can to get a thick, beautiful green lawn and yet… the weeds keep coming. As frustrating as it may be, don’t give up!!

Taking Care of Weeds

It is important to know what to expect when treating weeds in your lawn.

What is an Active Weed? – While our trained technicians consistently check for weeds on your property, it is important to remember a few key factors about weeds in order to understand your lawn. Weeds are opportunists. They will wait in your lawn as seeds, sometimes for years, for the right conditions to come along. Seeds will sit as much as 1ft (sometimes more) deep in your soil, waiting for the right temperature, water, nutrients, and most importantly space to make their appearance in your lawn. These seeds are what we call dormant, as these seeds get what they need to germinate, they become “active.” An active weed is what we all know and love to hate. Once you are able to see a weed in your lawn, we are able to treat it.

I just had a treatment! – Broadleaf weeds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and resiliency to weed control. After a treatment some may die off very quickly while others seem to be left untouched in your lawn. It is important to note that the scale is very large ranging from 72 hours to 2 weeks. Some of the tougher broadleaf weeds may even take more than one application to be controlled. Our treatments are spanned 4-6 weeks apart to make sure that we are seeing new active weeds each time. However, if you are still seeing no improvement 2 weeks after an application, give us a call to schedule a FREE service call to have the weeds retreated 855-469-0692.

I’ve Been on a Program – It is important to remember the information from above no matter how long you have been on a program. Broadleaf weed control is not a preventative, it is only effective on weeds that have germinated and are actively growing in your lawn. There currently is not a pre-emergent for broadleaf weeds on the market, we wish there was one too! The best way to make sure that your lawn is “relatively” weed-free is through preventative measures that keep your lawn as healthy, thick, and green as possible. Like we mentioned earlier, weeds are opportunists and love to push through poorly maintained lawns to take over weak areas. An annual program will help to keep your grass fed and establish healthy and strong roots that keep dormant seeds suppressed. We also strongly suggest the following to maintain favorable conditions for a healthy turf:

  • Mow high (3.5”) – the length of the grass blade is directly proportional to the depth of its roots
  • Water Properly – 2” per week and consider your environmental factors such as excessive rain and drought, remember to water early in the morning between 5am – 9am
  • Aerate & Seed – Helps to thicken established lawns and provides nutrients and water deep into the soil
  • Check your pH – your tech will check this each time they are on your lawn and leave recommendations if you need lime to balance your soil
  • Fertilize and Control – regular maintenance to your lawn will keep your grass healthy and active weeds from releasing new seeds

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