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Cross Training to Serve You Better

Cross-training as a company is very important to us here at Green Lawn. It allows each person to have an inside look into what others do each day and how we operate as a whole. With the addition of our sister company, Green Pest Solutions, we continue to instill this value to give each employee the skills to help our customers with any issue that may arise.

Cross-Training at Green Lawn Fertilizing and Green Pest Solutions

Our emphasis is on your satisfaction, through education and example we look to give our employees the tools they need to serve you to the best of our abilites.

We start the season off right with our Kick-Off Rodeo to give every employee an inside training on production in the field. We review products, equipment, and techniques that our technicians use to customize our lawn and pest programs to your specific needs. But our training does not stop there, we strive to continuously update and train through the year as conditions change and new issues arise.

We use our quarterly trainings as a way to look as specific issues that occur for the season that we are in. No two years are alike and therefore we look to arm ourselves with the knowledge that will serve you best. During this training we took an inside look into issues affecting our lawns for the 2012 season; Sod Webworms, Chinch Bugs, Pythium Blight, Brown Patch, Crabgrass, and Yellow Nutsedge were all discussed in detail.

To add to this in-depth lawn training, we also provide sessions on what happens inside Green Lawn Fertilizing and Green Pest Solutions. During this field day we discussed Inside Sales, Termite and Pest Control, Customer Service, and the Marketing agenda and response rates for the season. We cover everything we can in order to understand what makes our company work and what we can do to give you the best service possible. Green Lawn firmly believes that as a local business it is important to work as a team, not as individuals. By understanding what goes on in every aspect, we help each other with everything that arises and therefore are better equipped to help you.

The images from top to bottom:

Pic 1: Our Presenters: Alex (VP of Sales), Jim (Pest Service Manager), Andy (Training Manager), Joe (Production Manager), KellyAnne (Office Manager), Tim (Pest Service Manager), Jimmy (Production Manager), Adam (Pest General Manager), Dave (CFO).

Pic. 2: Dave (CFO) describing the aspects of our marketing for both lawn and pest.

Pic. 3: Tim (Pest Service Manager) teaching technicians and office staff aspects of our termite treatments for prevention and control.

Green  Lawn Fertilizing firmly believes in their customer satisfaction guarantee and as we grow, the customer will always remain first in our practices.

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