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What Lawn Care Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Lawn Care Voorhees, NJ

Like any industry, lawn care companies know some things that are often kept from customers. At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we believe transparency is key, so here’s what lawn care companies don’t want you to know.

What Lawn Care Companies Don’t Want You to Know

High Turn-over Rate for Employees

Many lawn care companies have a hard time keeping employees. It can be a challenging industry without proper training.

We have a low turn-over rate at Green Lawn Fertilizing.

The Expensive Products Do Work Better

Have you ever noticed the difference between store brand baking supplies and those made by well-known companies? Or what about shampoo from the supermarket and shampoo at the salon? While there are cheaper options for lawn care products, the expensive ones do work better.

You Get What You Pay for

If you go with a company that charges the least, you might not be getting the best care for your lawn and you could have future costs to consider. Or maybe they use less expensive products that aren’t as effective.

Choose Transparency. Choose Green Lawn Fertilizing.

Our goal is to build honest, trustworthy relationships with our customers and employees. From day one, our mission was to become a leading independent green industry company by providing superior customer service. That’s why we carefully designed our lawn care programs, like our Green Lawn Program, for our neighbors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. This lawn care plan includes eight applications throughout the year so your yard is healthy year-round and set up for success. Contact us today at 855-469-0692 for a free consultation to help your lawn reach its full potential.

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