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Five Lawn Care Tips for Beginners

lawn care tips

Taking care of your lawn can be incredibly rewarding. It’s the first impression guests have when they pull up to your home, and it’s great to sit out on the back deck and look at your lively green grass. Ready to start making your lawn as green as can be? Read on to learn some lawn care tips for beginners.

Lawn Care Tips for Beginners

1. Choose the right type of grass. Not every type of grass is right for your lawn, no matter how much you’d love to have that golf course look. Set your lawn up for success by choosing a grass that will work in your area and with the shade level in your yard.

2. Aeration and seeding is key. Once a year in the fall or spring, you should aerate your lawn and overseed. This helps new grass grow and for established roots to breathe.

3. Water the right way. Yes, there is a right and wrong way to water your lawn. For green grass, long soakings once or twice a week is more beneficial than surface-level watering every day. Summer heat and sunlight might make your lawn require even more water, so you might have to add in an extra day during the hottest weeks of the year.

4. Keep your soil healthy. Your soil helps your grass reach its full potential. You’ll want to check for pests, make sure there is plenty of water, and alleviate compaction. Your soil’s pH balance is also incredibly important. A soil pH reading of 7.0, which is neutral, is ideal. Lime applications can improve growing conditions if your soil isn’t the right pH.

5. Call in the Experts at Green Lawn Fertilizing for Help. While DIYing your lawn care can be rewarding, it’s not for everyone. And sometimes you need help. That’s why Green Lawn Fertilizing is here. If you’d like to pass along the responsibility of making your lawn as healthy as can be, we offer our Green Lawn Program. Or if you’d like some help as you’re going along, we offer a la carte options, like pest care and fungicide treatments. Call us today at 855-469-0692 to see how we can help you.

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