Warm Winter; Early Blooms

A string of warm days triggered early blooms from many plants and shrubs. Forsythia, magnolia, cherry and other late April blooms reached peak in mid-March proving nature has been pushed into fast forward. These abnormally high temperatures have made proper care essential to counter act the unpredictable consequences to this enjoyable change.

Spring Tree Care Tips – Warm weather trends mean it time to consider the health of your trees.

Blooming Trees

2012 tied for 3rd for the “All Time Earliest Bloom”

Disease Watch – Since every season is different, each year there are new concerns. These concerns come from every aspect of the season working together but a big part of the contributing factors is temperature. It is important to be consistently proactive in learning about what is going on for your landscape. Our tree specialist is trained to give you advice and treatments based on what is happening with each of your plants based on our geographical location. By knowing what to look for you may not only save your landscape, but may cause positively affect your neighborhood, state and beyond.

Insect Control – Just like diseases there are many changes to insect populations that arise with each season. Last summer we had a major issue with the Emerald Ash Borer, which have killed millions of trees since their discovery. Since changes in our environment throw off it is expected that we should see many changes in insect populations this coming season making insect control a necessary investment. Green Lawn’s Tree and Shrub program keeps insects and diseases at bay and with proper maintenance; the harmful effects of these changes can be controlled or properly prevented entirely.

Clean Up & Inspect

  • Follow proper mulching techniques for the beds of your landscape plants
  • Remove leaf and needle debris
  • Proper pruning depending on species and desired results
  • Adjust irrigation – ensure plants do not have direct water that can cause disease
  • Soil samples should be taken to identify nutrient deficiencies

If you believe that there are any problems with your landscape plants or would like to have our specialists give you a free estimate for our Tree care program call 888-581-5296 or order service!

Spring Seeding and Prep Guide

Spring Seeding and Prep Guide

Learn the proper seeding techniques to establish a thick, healthy lawn this year.