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This program consists of a full year with seven (7) lawn care applications. Applications begin in early spring and end in late fall. This plan includes free service calls, unlimited weed control, and free Soil pH testing for your lawn.
Our natural lawn care program consists of seven (7) organic, non-burning fertilizer applications in the specific amounts necessary to ensure proper turf growth. The program starts in early spring and continues until late fall, and when you choose our program you’ll have the bright, green lawn you’ve always wanted.
This service plan is designed to control and reduce the population of Mosquitoes on your property. We will apply your first two (2) applications within the first two weeks of singing up and will come out every two-to-three weeks after that.
This service plan is designed to reduce soil compaction, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to get into your lawn’s root system. After completion, your lawn should experience increased root development, increased water retention and improve overall turf growth.
We will apply a pre-emergent grub preventative in the late spring/early summer to prevent grubs from devastating your lawn. We also offer a post-emergent grub control once grubs are present in the lawn.
Liming is the practice of applying an agent to reduce soil acidity (raise the pH level) and make soil more favorable for turf grass growth.
This service is designed to prevent and cure common lawn diseases.
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