Rake or Mulch Leaves

Which Is Better?

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It’s the time of year when you need to start thinking about cleaning up the leaves that are now scattered across your lawn. While you might want to leave them be, it’s important you get them off of your grass because it can cause problems in the winter like snow mold. You have a few options for removal, but do you know which is the best option? Learn if you should rake or mulch leaves.

Rake or Mulch Leaves: Which Is Better?

Raking Leaves

Benefits: Grass covered in leaves can harbor disease, fungi, and pests. Raking leaves sets your lawn up for success in the wintertime. Plus, when you choose raking over mulching, you can keep your lawn looking pristine and clean.

Concerns: This method for leaf removal takes time and effort. Plus, you’re not supposed to throw away lawn waste with your regular trash, so you’ll need to get special bags and wait until certain pickup days.

Mulching Leaves

Benefits: It’s easy! Simply mow your grass as usual. The blades will chop up the leaves into little bits. There’s no extra work needed. This might be the right choice for you if you don’t have too many leaves on the ground. In small amounts, this can even be good for your lawn, as the organic matter can feed your lawn.

Concerns: If you have a lot of leaves, you can still deal with the consequences of a covered lawn, like certain fungus and pests. Plus, even though the leaves are chopped up into tiny pieces, you will be able to see the remnants if your lawn stays green during the winter. Grass tends to not stay as bright during the cold season in areas like Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, but it can certainly be an eyesore elsewhere.

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