Protect Your Lawn For Winter

Frost on grass

Your lawn goes dormant in the winter. But dormant doesn’t always mean healthy. Winter can be a very damaging time for lawns. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure you protect your lawn this winter so that when spring comes around, you have little to do to bring your lawn back to its former glory.

Steps to Protect Your Grass for a Spring Green Lawn

  • AerateAerating your lawn is a great way to make your lawn ready for spring. Aeration involves poking holes into the soil to allow the roots to grow deeper, so that they have an easier time receiving nutrients. You can also combine this with overseeding, which builds a thick lawyer of grass that prevents weeds from entering your lawn.
  • Fertilize – Your soil is not perfect. It needs extra nutrients that fertilizer provides. This is especially true in winter. While your grass is covered in snow during the wintertime, the fertilizer works under that layer of snow and feeds your grass and its roots throughout the cold months. Then in springtime, your grass is not severely lacking in nutrients, because it was fed all winter with a slow release fertilizer.
  • Mow – You will also want to mow your lawn to a fairly short height as long as it is still growing. Doing this discourages small animals from using your lawn to burrow and create homes for the winter. It also decreases your likelihood of snow mold. Snow mold can easily grow when there is tall grass that gets matted down by the weight of the snow. Mowing your lawn short will help prevent this from happening.

If you need help in winterizing your lawn, Green Lawn Fertilizing can help. We have registered technicians with years of experience in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey lawn care. We offer aeration, fertilizing, and more to help you with a great green lawn all throughout the year. Call Green Lawn Fertilizing at 888-581-5296 today for a free estimate. We have been given the Angie’s List Super Service Award in two consecutive years, so you know we are a company you can trust.

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