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Project EverGreen Welcomes Green Lawn Fertilizing

GreenCare for Troops

GreenCare for Troops Logo Green Lawn Fertilizing is now among the minority of lawn care companies that are giving back to Project Evergreen. Project EverGreen is a non-profit organization; their mission is to conserve and develop green space in our communities now and for subsequent generations. Project EverGreen leads a platform of volunteering service companies where they coordinate: lawn care, landscape maintenance and snow removal.

Green Lawn Fertilizing was attracted to a Project EverGreen initiative—GreenCare for Troops. GreenCare for Troops is a nationwide program where military families can enter and register to sign up for free home and lawn care services. The services come from the good-will of landscaping and lawn care companies to ultimately supply a helping hand to military families in need.

Green Lawn Fertilizing wasted no time in reaching out to the organization that links local green industry professionals all over the country with military families in need of green services in their lives. Eric Appelbaum, Marketing Associate at Green Lawn Fertilizing expressed, “For us, it’s a great opportunity to contribute services to such an influential organization; it truly displays our dedication to corporate citizenship.”

Green Lawn Fertilizing is proud to support the military and green communities. As we look forward to contributing to such a prestigious organization, Green Lawn Fertilizing is actively looking forward to spending our professional time and services to military families in need of green care!

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