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Green Lawn Fertilizing Makes the Cut Among Top Industry Leading Companies

"Summer Of The Weed" logo Green Lawn Fertilizing was recently featured in Landscape Management’s August 2011 issue Summer Of The Weed.” The article went on to illustrate why bad weather can be good for lawn care businesses in the industry; explaining lawns endured early wet weather resulting in extremely high temperatures followed by a lack of late summer rainfall. As a result, the irregular weather led to an industry-wide increase for business among lawn care professionals.

Tom Knopsnyder, Vice President of Operations, commented on the concern of the irregular summer weather and how it influenced Green Lawn Fertilizing’s operations. “Crabgrass is becoming more and more of an issue because we’re having soil cracking. Because of that, crabgrass is becoming more and more of a problem along with nutsedge. Before you would never really notice it in the month of July. We’ve been spraying it pretty much since the fourth.”

Tagging along with the article, Landscape Management built a list of the Green Industry’s top shinning stars. Green Lawn Fertilizing is ranked among the top 25 companies with the highest lawn care revenue in the Green Industry according to data provided for the LM150. Green Lawn enthusiastically ranks number 16 among the top 25 highest revenue earning lawn care companies in the Green Industry.

"Who Made The Cut" logo Two months prior, Green Lawn Fertilizing appeared in Landscape Management’s June 2011 issue “LM 150 Who Made The Cut.” The article summarizes the nuts and bolts of Green Lawn’s increasing success in the Green Industry by placing a heavy emphasis on the hiring process; hiring roughly one employee for every one hundred applications and resumes submitted. Matt Jesson, President of Green Lawn Fertilizing, explains the sheer importance of the hiring process at Green Lawn. “This is a very time-consuming, expensive and difficult process, but the service business is about finding great people who will do what it takes to keep customers satisfied,” explained Jesson.

The efforts optimistically pay off dividends for West Chester, PA-based Green Lawn Fertilizing. In 2010, Green Lawn proudly surpassed the $5,000,000 mark.  “Year-to-date, we have been able to increase revenue between 12% and 15%, and our customer cancel rate has decreased. This is a true sign we are implementing the proper changes and listening to customers to make sure we provide quality service,” Jesson explains. Green Lawn Fertilizing continues to climb the ladder among other Green Industry giants as the company strives to become the largest independent lawn care company in the industry by providing superior customer service.

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